Sunday, November 4, 2012

How's Life East of Central Europe (for everyone already dealing with Monday)?

Enjoying my dinner and listening to the rest of the world online that's already into Monday. So far, so good.

Meanwhile, back here be very selective in what you see, read, and listen to. If your intution is screaming this is a soundbite that you've already heard, you're probably right. Therefore, go elsewhere.

We still have to be careful to avoid violently triggering stuff. We just want to be able to focus and not be bombarded with endless pain.

What's one coping tool? You can't control what others do and say. Everyone has to live with the consequences of this. Sounds basic, but it's true and probably easy to forget at times. Another is use your tools as creatively as possible. For a long time, no one would listen to what I had to say. Finally I said, ok. I'll start my own network. Now, over three years later, we're still here and now have a global audience. All with no budget and no advertising. Can those OTHER blogs say that? Probably not.

We still scream and fight to not black out. On the other hand, on an intuiton level it feels like our system is catching up in healing. Hopes this makes sense.

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