Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We've decided to re-prioritize certain things to try and cope better with anger and other symptoms. First, as great as it would be, we can't singlehandedly save the world from all the evil people. It would be nice, but we can't. This means your protection comes first.

From now on, unless it's for work or for job hunting, we're staying away from looking at or posting all comments. We're also very selective about online content that we deal with. Again, it goes back to the common survivor idea of you feel like you're the only one that sees everything happening. If the rest of the world would just do what I say things would be so much easier.

Unfortunately, you have no control over what others do and say. Unless you're the boss.

The point is that our health and healing come first. It's too much stress to cope with symptoms and save the world all at the same time. That doesn't mean don't be aware or care. Just that protection comes first, and be selective about what you do.

We can't afford to go to a therapist or a holistic doctor. There's no sliding scale or free counseling in this area. What do we do then? We keep crisis line numbers close by, in case we need them. Even if you do many of the usual grounding techniques, many times that doesn't work. What do you do then?

One thing that helps to keep this perspective is an outsider's view (from living abroad). Use this in a good way, and see what happens.

If Obama needs me, tell him I'm not available. Besides, he couldn't afford my fee anyway.

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