Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pay Attention to Effects

A day of doing stuff in stages. At times, I just sit with no noise and just do nothing. Just pay attention to how you feel.

Some medical appointments are coming up soon. In the meantime, I just go in stages. Wake up and try to focus your energy as best you can. Then, lots of massage to try and not feel empty. Then, pause at times during the day and just turn things off. There's still despair, abandonment and just wanting no stimulus. You just want peace, quiet and to heal.

If I'm not careful with the diet, it really throws my chemistry off. It doesn't mean never have fun. Just pay attention to the effects of things on you.

I've also had to be selective about online content and issues. It is okay to say no to someone working on an important issue and not feel guilty about it. My health and security come first.

The other thing to keep in mind as you feel empty and cry? It's not your fault.

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