Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Your Security at Risk (Contains potentially triggering content. Read at your own risk)

One rule that we have here? Never intentionally trigger anyone. However, for our new readers, the whole point here is to talk about how rough daily survival for trauma survivors can be. If you want nice and neat govt. studies, please go elsewhere.

Having said that, a question. How do you make yourself heard when it seems like the rest of the world just wants you to go away? You didn't ask to be raped. Despite that, you're the other persons' worst nightmare. Just shut up and go away. How many times has it seemed like someone was trying to be nice, but really wanted you to just disappear?

How do you react? If they say you need to get help but then piss off, what then?

You can't have it both ways.

We could list all kinds of examples. Sandusky and Penn State. Savile and the BBC. In both cases, apparently money and power were way more important than doing the obvious right thing. My job is more important. If I say anything, this powerful person (WHO IS GOD, by the way) can destroy me. At Penn State, many students were actually asking how will this scandal affect my getting a great job and salary?

There's no apparent concern at all. No empathy, no apparent effort to realize that the obvious thing to do in these cases is to tell someone. Just close your eyes and it'll magically go away.

A silly question, but we'll ask it anyway. Are any of these valid legal defenses in these cases if you're tried for endangering innocent kids?:

I didn't know.
I didn't want to know.
I was afraid for my job.
Everybody's doing it. Everybody knew. If you said anything, you were out.
Almost all of the witnesses are women. That alone makes this case suspect. (An actual comment from BBC management).
It was the world's worst kept open secret in London.

In all of this, no effort to try and use this to explain about what the survivors go thru, usually for years afterwards. Why? Because it doesn't fit into a nice neat soundbite. If you can't do that, sorry mate. You're out of luck.

Just in my experience, not all but many people who at first appear to be listening really just want you to go away. That doesn't mean they're sick and evil people. They just don't like having their worst nightmare right in front of them.

The answer? Out of sight and out of mind.

Just like anyone else, trauma survivors deserve to be heard. We're not a commodity to be manipulated for profit. If a celebrity says they're a rape survivor, they get instant coverage. If I go public, I could be sacked for having PTSD (a "pre-existing condition"). Just because of something that's not my fault. Something that I've been fighting every single day to literally survive and not off myself.

3 out of ten people in the States have some form of PTSD. Yet, just like climate change, Obama doesn't believe that these are national emergencies that affect the security of the public. Is everything scheduled until after the election?

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