Thursday, October 11, 2012

Debate Night Symptoms

Time to break our no progressive political content rule for a second. Whatever you decide to do before the election, just base it on actual facts. NOT what somebody else tells you is a "fact".

More job leads to cover. Missed out on one. Now, at least three others. Possibly more. Still no sign of the personal assisant, though.

Symptoms and anger are still there. We have to fight off lucid dreams as well. If we don't, we'll fall apart. At the end of the day we're totally wiped out. What else can we do?

At times, for some reason we also have thoughts about seeing our life from the outside. It's not a death wish at all. It's more like getting hit with flashbacks to where it felt like our life was threatened, and nobody cared. Does it matter to you if I'm alive? Would you care if I wasn't here? We have to fight really heard to keep our sense of balance.

How do you cope with that anger and sadness all at once?

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