Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 Days in October/5 in November (Contains potentially triggering progressive content. Read at your own risk)

Since this is a global blog, it's kind of silly to say how is your Tuesday. Instead, how's your time zone? No matter what, stay safe.

Here, its more of covering bases and trying to keep stress down. Take things in 5 second splits. How do we go from here to the kitchen? How do we go from the front door to the car without blacking out? Flashbacks and fighting to not black out still happen.

Another thing that happens? Do you feel like the world is listening to you? Right now, lots of people are saying I'm there for you. Vote for me and ______ will happen. Unless of course The Other Side says no. In which case I can then spin this to my advantage and say it's THEIR fault.

Is it all matter of who has the most money and power? Not completely.

Why? Because another part of this is self respect. One of our mantras at the moment is we have value. We matter. We're telling the truth about being raped and trying to heal from something that's not our fault. We're not a commodity to be manipulated by the Powers that Be to make them richer and more powerful than they already are.

I have nightmares and PTSD symptoms. I have bad days where I cry and feel paralyzed. Is anyone listening? Yet, I refuse to give them the satisfaction by just rolling over and doing nothing.

Like the Powers that Be say, nobody's making you read/listen to/watch this. If you don't like it, turn it off. Okay, I will.  Why torture yourself with triggering stuff? If someone else likes it, that's their business. Go somewhere else and see what happens.

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Lisa said...

Speaking out is a brave and courageous thing! I find it comforting to find other survivors of rape speak out. Especially speaking out about what happens to us afterwards. It's long road to healing but if we rally around each other and keep encouraging one another to keep posting about what's "really" going on, it's an amazing thing. Being "real" is the key and hopefully other survivors won't stay silent and speak out. The more of us that speak out the more we raise awareness!! Keep blogging, I support you 100%!!