Thursday, June 26, 2008

How's Your Balance Thes Days?

Hi there. This blog is one person's battle against PTSD from sex abuse. Occasionally I'll use "triggers" to get key points across. These can be everything from a loud noise to a color to a name. If nay of these bother you, stop reading now. If not, keep going and please pass this blog onto everyone it might help.

How are you doing these days? Tomorrow I go to my GP about a spot that won't go away. It's not a bruise, as far as I know. Is it melanoma or something else? I'm not sure. But I am much more aware of the connection between mind and body. I've had far better luck with alternative doctors than traditional ones. And it's frustrating when you try to explain about this connection (PTSD/sex abuse in my case). And the traditional doctors all have tunnel vision.

I'll find the new job and move to a better place overall. I'm really trying to keep it a step at a time. But at times you really get hit hard with symptoms. Ever have the feeling that you're about five steps ahead of everybody else? I still have that, and it's hard sometimes to keep that in check. It's like you try and focus. But you can't control dissociating. So what do you do then?

Sometimes I slip and watch a little of the "what is torture?" crap on TV. And it's like these people are lying, don't care. And then they have this attitude of shut the f**k up, you lazy ungrateful s***s. We're out there putting our asses on the line to keep you f*****g safe. And this stupid ass Congressional hearing is the thanks we get for it? What the f**k is this?

There's no more news from Iraq on U.S. TV. CBS's chief foreign correspondent (maybe not for long) is busy "allegedly" having affairs with practically every guy in the Green Zone. This gets played to death. And meanwhile the people dying there don't matter anymore. Getting the f*****g oil does, of course. But screw the rest of it.

What helps you to keep your balance? Feel free to post anytime.

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