Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Thoughts

NOTE: This blog contains graphic language, content and "triggers" (sights, sounds, phrases, and more) that can be harmful/dangerous to PTSD survivors. If this bothers you, stop reading now. Otherwise, keep going and please pass this blog onto anyone you think it might help.

Here it is, Super Tuesday. And up to the very last minute, the two major parties are manipulating to the max to keep their money and power. The "economic stimulus" package is an election year bribe. The senators running for President can't be bothered to come back and vote on important bills.

But also, part of the manipulation is using people suffereing from various problems as political pawns. The housing crisis. People are getting evicted from their homes. And the response from many is, if you were stupid enough to sign this mortgage then you deserve everything you get. It doesn't matter that many banks are writing off huge losses. Meanwhile various CEO's in these and other companies are getting enormous severence packages because they obviously deserve it. For the stress that they put up with it's only fair that they get enormous compensation. As for the people who get evicted or lose their jobs/pension/whatever, screw you. Nobody cares.

And then, what about trauma victims/survivors who struggle with PTSD every day? Not to dis vets in any way. But since this is an election year, every time you hear the term PTSD, it's always about vets. Nobody seems to realize (or care?) that trauma affects a wide spectrum of people. Natural disasters, an abusive home, a patient recovering from a traumatic illness, sex abuse, the list goes on all day long.

But since this is an election year, there are some things that we just don't talk about. After all, My God, what would the voters think? We only want hype because hype equals ratings. Nothing controversial, nothing "liberal", nothing unpatriotic in content. Dissent is not allowed.

So when vets and others try to get help and are turned away or told their health converage doesn't handle this, what are they supposed to do? How do you solve a problem like PTSD in 20 office visits? Many of the power elite say, we can't have universal health care. Because that's socialist. Oh really? Then how do you explain Bernie Sanders, the socialist Senator from Vermont? People seem to like him. But even though we all know what he is, we dare not say that evil word "socialist." Hillary says she's for "universal health care." But that means no for-profit insurance companies involved in this. And that's where she's getting a lot of her funding from.

The manipulation continues from all sides. The neocon MSM is spinning this to the max to get that conflict between "The Black Candidate" and Hillary. Neither Obama nor Hillary is willing to say no for-profit insurance companies. That's universal health care. Because if they do then they lose the election. We want a fair and open debate. Then why didn't you stand with Kucinich and Gravel for their rights to be heard? Because that will cost me the election. Gravel is a crazy old man. Kucinich is a short, dorky-looking guy with a babe wife who's stupid enought to tell the truth about impeachment and universal health care. And I'm gonna throw away the election for them? F**k that. But of course, they'll never say that publically.

What are the underlying motives here? Money and power. As for the rest of you who were stupid enough to join the military or get raped, just f**k off and go away. Because nobody wants to hear your s**t during an election year. Brittany, yes. But real problems and solutions. That's boring. Nobody cares.

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