Sunday, March 19, 2017

Set Boundaries

Right now, we want peace and quiet. Too much triggering stuff on TV. Commercials on the radio? No. Too much triggering stimulus. Instead, protect yourself. Don't let your guard down and dissociate. It's kind of like thinking for  a second about having a drink again. Do you really want to go thru that pain again? No.

Protect yourself as best you can from others who say and do horrible things. Why do they do this? We don't know. But nobody forces them to say and do this. Which means that they deal with the consequences of their actions.

Pain is always there. You try the usual methods to ground yourself, and it's still there. You have to keep fighting back. You can't just sit back and do nothing. You have to protect yourself.

Lots of formerly favorite foods are violently triggering now. Sometimes going into a store is dangerous. You have to focus and try to protect yourself and others. How do I go in here and get out safely? How do I not black out and attack someone? Blackouts still happen.

Protect yourself as best you can.

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