Saturday, March 4, 2017

Face Your Trauma History

A long tough day of trying to face our trauma history without being injured by it. Horribly severe CDD (complex dissociative disorder) and psychosis every day. No escape. You know something's wrong. But nothing you do helps and nobody helps us. It's like torture every single day.

You can't give up because you'll fall apart and die. You have to fight back. It leads to a long list of problems:

chronic heart failure
permanent cirrhosis scarring
psychotic symptoms that we still have
spinal arthritis
damage to your immune system genes

Nobody did anything to help us. Nobody ever asked anything. Nothing.

We don't want to die from anger. On the other hand, denial will only make things worse.

We did nothing wrong. We're not abnormal in any way. If other people want to be horrible, they have to live with the consequences of that. Not us.

We're not a danger to anyone. We're just trying to protect ourselves as best we can.

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