Monday, March 13, 2017

Fighting Fatigue

More symptoms and fatigue. Don't dissociate. Don't black out. Don't drop your guard and then have no idea of where you are. You have to protect yourself. But fatigue is always there.

How do you handle your pain? Do you feel abandoned? You have to be careful so as not to attack anybody else. Pain is always there. Arthritis is at times all over. But you have to face it as best you can.

Pain and exhaustion.


Buzz said...

I don't understand my pain. I use alcohol when it hurts to much and I have no one who understands me and I cut myself a lot. I feel like I am not suppose to be here if I can't find peace and happiness. I try hard to on a daily basis. But non is lent to me.

soho44 said...

We care.

soho44 said...

Everybody's here for a reason. I'm not completely sure what mine is. But I look at all my health problems and say, that's what they are. Is PTSD a "mental illness"? Is it a "disability"? Set that aside. I have health problems that I'm trying to deal with as much as best I can.

If you feel sad, please don't feel that you don't deserve to be happy. That's not true. You do deserve happiness. Hope this helps.