Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back at Home

Finally back home after spending the night in the hospital. Los of tests to find out, what caused me to collapse? A heart attack or stroke? Or, was it something else? Lots of tests later the good news. It was one of my high blood pressure meds. I was taking too much, which caused my pressure to drop. Now, just pacing myself in the weekend.

After lots of rest Saturday, did a run today to see how I felt. Even though it was an easy pace, there was still some chest pain. A slow pace, and try to focus. Triggering stuff happens aa you go along. But don't push too hard.

After the first quarter mile, do I stop? No, keep going. Many say a run's great because it's just you and your environment. Don't carry your cell or a I-player, because the whole idea is to disconnect. But even if you do that, it's still hard at times to not get bombarded with flashbacks and other signs.

Down the stretch, and then turn the corner. Do I go for a full mile, or just stop at the stop sign? Tried pushing the last 100 yards, and managed to do it. Some weakness, but I did it.

Now, I'm very aware of how you feel. Inadvertantly, I was drinking too much liquid, which can stress out your heart and entire system. So in a good way, pay attention to tiny signs in how you feel. No more just blow it off.

I used to have of destructive things to try and escape trauma pain with. Now, I don't. And, when talking to various doctors and nurses, it was a relief to actually be taken seriously when talking about holistic things.

Small things take a lot of energy right now. If I'm cooking, I have to sit down every 5 minutes and rest. But, nobody's telling me this is a dangerous sign (considering all of my symptoms).

Have a good 24 hours. Super Bowl prediction: Patriots by 7.

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