Thursday, July 24, 2014

Protecting Yourself

Everyone knows that there's no magic one-solution-fits-all-trauma cases. Everybody has a different history and heals at different rates. Keeping that in mind, how do you protect yourself from triggering content/people/places?

In the past, we used to say yes to almost every request from activist friends working on different causes. Then, we reached a point where saying yes was a threat to our well being. I can't handle my pain and the pain of everybody else in the world. Besides, if we're not careful, looking at too much depressing stuff on the news causes nightmares and other problems.

We try to be as selective as possible. These days, in those rare moments when we do watch TV, we turn the  sound down to protect ourselves from triggering stuff. Weird things can and do come out of nowhere. On bad days with anger and other symptoms, we feel at times like we're going to snap in two.

On the other hand, none of this is abnormal, considering everything that we've been through.

Another symptom? Because of the heart disease, we can't handle eating big meals or having lots of snacks all the time. Weight gain is a common problem for heart patients. Besides, it just adds to the overall stress on your system.

On bad days, do we think about getting a gun and killing everyone who treated us like shit? Yes. Would we actually go thru with it? No.

Everything has to be paced. At times, we have problems standing up without fainting. Doing simple things takes a huge amount of energy. Sometimes we just stop and go to bed because we're so run down.

Tomorrow, another appointment.

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