Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's All Connected

Went back to my GP for another ear exam. This time, both were cleaned out (due to wax blockages). Now, my hearings back to normal. But in the process, I've learned more about and have had stuff confirmed about holistic health.

Everything really is connected. What can cause wax buildup in your inner ears? Lots of fat, sugar and high stress. All of these can affect heart disease as well. I can't handle more than three tiny meals a day. If I have snacks or anything else, I feel really bloated and run down. Why? Because to compensate, my heart is drawing blood away from things like digestion. If you drink lots of liquid, that also adds to feeling full.

I feel at times like I have no chi at all. I have to focus really hard to get out of bed and do basic things. I have problems walking up flights of stairs. I'm not short of breath. It's just that my legs hurt.

Do you feel abandoned? We cry and at other times don't know what to do. We curl up and rock back and forth to feel safe.

Lots of coverage of the MH17 funeral for the victims. To show respect, try to find and put out the actual truth about this, instead of endless boring Putin bashing.

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