Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trying to Keep a Sense of Focus

The symptoms are still there. Lately, you really have to work hard to screen triggering stuff to protect yourself. Do you feel at times like you're about seven steps ahead of the rest of the world? You know what people. will say, what the responses will be, and why you shouldn't look at any of it. Why bother?

Do you feel abandoned? We really struggle with that. Is there anyone who isn't afraid to admit that I'm a rape survivor? Who's not afraid to show some human decency for ten seconds in their incredibly hectic day? Instead, you get the feeling at times of if they just move fast enough you'll magically disappear and then life will be okay once again?

Trauma survivors aren't statistics in some government report to be manipulated to get huge grants in return. Nobody asks to be a trauma survivor. Yet, how many people actually take the time to acknowledge that?

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