Monday, October 14, 2013

How Are You In Protecting Yourself?

Lots of triggering stuff everywhere you look. Our suggestion? If you don't have to deal with it, stay away so you don't end up dissociating and fighting to get your balance back.

It's not a matter of perfectionism. I must have total control over every single thought that comes to mind. Instead, a healthy balance. How do you do that when it feels like almost all of society doesn't want to admit that you exist?

You can't control what other horrible people do and say. On the other hand, you can set boundaries as best you can. If someone says I can't deal with you being a rape survivor and dumps you, are they really your friend? No they're not.

You have to protect yourself. We still feel exhausted much of the time from constantly having to fight dissociating and other symptoms. Going back on medication won't help, because it only makes your symptoms worse. I can't afford to go to a regular therapist. A sliding scale counselor is out. What else can I do but use my own support system?

Another suggestion to protect your well being is ask this question. Do I really need to do something, or not? Do I really need to post hundreds on comments every day if almost all of the other posters are trolls (some paid for and some not)? Who needs the stress? I don't. That's why I try to follow the idea of selective activism. Your well being comes first. THEN deal with an important cause.

As best you can, operate off of facts and not just rumors on some chat site. Why? Because in a good way, you have to protect yourself. Nobody else will do it for you. Maybe that's been one of the hardest things to deal with in our own healing process. When your well being is okay, then you're effective in other things as well.

I'm not on call 24/7 to help Obama save the economy and the world. Besides, he couldn't afford my fee anyway. Which means setting boundaries. Not all but many lines of content in posts are rehashing the same points (in my opinion). Why then do you need to perpetuate that? National name activisits can yell all they want about people having to get involved. But in the end, it's a personal decision. You live with the consequences of what you do and say, just like they do. In their cases, they're making way more money than we are.

Is being successful illegal? No it's not. On the other hand, along with success comes responsibility. You have to make decisions. Who am I doing this for? Just to further my career and make me even richer and more famous than I am now? Or, is it actually help others in the process?

As a trauma survivor, do you feel like you're about six steps ahead of the world? You're the only one who can see everything that's going on. If the rest of you would just shut up, listen to me and do as I say all of this would be over now.

Is that going to happen? Are you single handedly responsible for saving the world from all of the evil people out there? No you're not.

It comes down to several key things:

Keep your self control.

Operate from verified facts, and not talking points.

If you're telling the truth, what's somebody else going to do? Sue?

There's lots of pressure on everybody. Which means as best you can, stay informed to make the best decisions. Whether it's in your healing or anything else.

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