Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stuff to Keep in Mind

Listening to the Knicks and Celtics online. Some herbal tea and trying to stay grounded. We still have dissociating and despair. Do you ever have a day when you don't feel abandoned?

Without getting into specifics, we know that triggering stuff is everywhere. Is the world ending? No. Instead, keep these in mind.

Keep you self control and respect.

You have no control over what other cruel people say and do. Why do they do this stuff? I don't know.

Protect yourself as reasonably as possible. Pay attention to your intuition. Mine isn't always right. But my percentage is good.

Despite what it may seem like when the world is telling you you don't exist, you do. You also don't have to sink down to their level.

At times, we have crippling despair. We try to look at it like this. We're healing from a long history of horrible abuse. Which means that none of our symptoms are weird in any way.

If you have horrible pain, in a sense that's  a good sign because denial isn't a problem.

You're telling the truth. Which is all that matters.

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