Monday, December 1, 2008

Fighting Thru

This blog talks about one person's fight against PTSD from repeated rape. Occasionally I use "triggers" (sights, sounds and more) to get important points across. If these bother you, stop reading now. If not, continue and thanks for your support.

It's December 1st. The Dow is down almost 700 points. We are now "officially" in a recession in the States. Can this get any weirder? Was your holiday weekend good? For me, a lot of it was fighting nasty dissociating and adrenalin surges. Also, your fight-or-flight mechanism is a big problem too. I still have problems getting past that block. When you feel like everything is caving in on you, what do you do then?

My therapist says, ground yourself as best you can. But even if you do that, you still get hit from all sides. You fight to focus because you know you have no choice. However, what happens when the despair hits? And you feel like the rest of the world says f**k off, mate. Nobody cares about you.

What do yo do then? Hurting yourself won't help anything. But then again, nobody has the time or the patience to listen. I realize that not all therapist worldwide are exactly the same. Many do good things. However, when you feel like you're getting the I-don't-care-about-you attitude, what do you do then? You don't exist, f**k heath insurance, you deal with it. I can help you. But first read all of my best sellers(on sale now for $29.95) before we start.

And some people actually say "we have the greatest health care in the world in the States." How much is their retainer from the HMO and drug company lobbies?

It's double standards everywhere. It amazes me that many people JUST CAN'T BE BOTHERED to deal with the fact that yes, they're really are male rape survivors. No, they're not all gay, they're not all somehow inferior to everybody else, etc. But right now, they're your worst nightmare, right? Which means you can't be bothered.

Why can't someone take 1 minute out of "their incredibly hectic day" and say, I'm sorry you were raped. And then give them a hug?:

I don't know you that well.
I don't want to be sued.
I can't be bothered.
I don't know what to say. So I'll take the easy way out.

If it seems like the whole world can't be bothered, is it any suprise that more people don't come forward? No disrespect to women survivors. But what's the point if nobody will show even a tiny amount of basic human decency?

I don't get it.

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