Saturday, November 29, 2008

Flexibility is the Key

This blog is one person's fight to survive and heal from PTSD from repeated rape. Sometimes "triggers" are used to make points. If these bother you, stop reading now. Otherwise, keep going and thanks for the support.

Sometimes you're frustrated because you don't know where to go. For guy survivors, it's worse because nobody will take you seriously. If you're a woman survivor, that's different. But for guys, nobody will acknowledge you.

So how do you not sink to that level of anger and frustration? If you feel like an orphan, how do you keep your balance?

First, as best you can, try to face this head on. Deal with what you can. Everything all at once is just too difficult. My multiples and little kid trust me more. But even with EMDR, they're scared because how do you deal with NOBODY CAES? Unfortunately that's the truth. And it will never change.

We choose to go on as positively as possible. We do all the positive holistic stuff. Still though, at times the despair hits. The whole world isn't beating on your ass saying WE DON'T LIKE YOU. But it feels like it.

What helps you to deal with this? Feel free to post your comments. If you know of other helpful links, please post those as well. The number of links here is starting to go up. Keep plugging away and peace.

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