Friday, January 27, 2017

Recognize the Signs

Individually, I can't kick Trump out of the White House. But I can point out that mentally ill people do not belong in that job. Trump believes that torture works. You might say, well at least he doesn't have that ridiculous bullshit hang up about saying "enhanced interrogation techniques" instead of torture. That being said, keep these in mind:

Torture never works.
You will say and do ANYTHING to make it stop.
I know from first hand experience. I was tortured by 3 psycho pedophiles.
There is no cure for PTSD.
Some torture survivors end up having psychotic breaks because of it.
Anyone who thinks torture is good is mentally ill.

The corporate press won't say Trump is mentally ill because they're scared to death of him. If I criticize him, he'll get me fired. Even if I'm telling the truth (he's a habitual liar, racist, mentally ill and more), that doesn't matter. The tiniest criticism of him must be instantly crushed. Every person in the media is the enemy. We must destroy them at all costs.

Now, what are other world leaders saying about Trump? Are they scared? Are they laughing hysterically? What kind of psychological profile files do foreign intelligence services (MI6, Mossad, CSIS, ASIS and others) have on Trump?

I can't save the world from Trump single handedly. But I can be aware and do what I can while protecting my well being. If I didn't, how could you live with yourself?

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