Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Loans, the ACA and More

Two days to go till the end? That's how many are seeing it. Aside from actually seeing Trump in the White House, just saying or the thought of he's ACTUALLY there is scary.

One key part of this? Despite all of the starting talk of I want health care for everyone, actually, Trump doesn't. As President, he will have 24/7 access to the BEST HEALTH CARE in the world. As for the public? You're not allowed to have that. We can't have "socialism". In 2017, that's a silly, boring and stupid attempt at an insult. For all of our intl. audience. The U.S. is the ONLY civilized (maybe that's debateable) country IN THE WORLD  with NO national health care. When you see this, how do you react? Are you sad? Are you angry? Are you laughing hysterically? Are  you saying thank God I don't have to take out extra health coverage if I go to the States?

None of these "geniuses" debating this issue seem to understand a basic point. The mere fact that you know that you don't have (or aren't "qualified"/allowed) to have health coverage is extremely stressful. Which in turn will make you sick, or possibly kill you. But that doesn't matter. There is no national health emergency. All that matters is corporate money and power. Corporations use it to control politicians and the media. Everybody makes millions. Outside the US, how many countries have TV networks where 98% of the ads are for drugs? The US drug industry is a TRILLION dollar a year industry. How many doctors are afraid to piss off drug company salespeople and possibly get fired? I see them all the time.

Had another dental appointment today. Had an exam and will need a lot of expensive treatment. Only a tiny part of it is covered by my health coverage. Which meant negotiating for 2 hours with the office manager to have them help me apply for a small loan to help pay for it. Basically, the deal is flexible and I got the most protection I could to do this. So I will be able to get all the treatment I need. Note: many people in the U.S. have to pay for dental treatment on installment plans. Because it's so expensive.

Do you have to do that where you live?

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