Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lots of Pain

Another day of fighting symptoms and circulation pain. In the past 9 months, I've had at least 4 severe cramps. Are these because of the trauma stress which depletes my body's nutrients? Or, are these blood clots? So far, no doctor has said clots. Now, tomorrow I'll tell my next doctor and see what they say.

For our international audience, the battle over ending the ACA (Affordable Care Act) continues. This means that if it passes and is signed by President Trump, 30 million (roughly 30 per cent) of the US population will have NO health coverage. This will endanger the health, safety and well being of the public. This is also an impeachable offense for politicians. Nw, how far would the Democrats get in a mass impeachment process? I don't know.

Instead of having single payer like the rest of the world, it's back to the usual cut throat money and power games that politicians love to have. Do all politicians love money and power? If they're honest, yes they do. Even people like Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. He just uses these things in a decent and rational way to actually try to make society better. Yet, even in there, people are scared to death of the SOCIALIST label. We just can't have that. Instead, the Labour Party is convinced that Tory Lite is the proper way to go. Also, let's bring back Tony Blair. Doesn't matter that he's despised by millions and should be tried as a war criminal. Apparently, Theresa May has the same policy as Obama does. We just don't prosecute former leaders because, well that's just FAR TOO devisive. We need to just form a circle, join hands, dance and look forward to a exciting new day.

Now, tell that to the victims of these war crimes, their families and friends.

Protect yourself.

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