Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How Are You Coping?

Finally got the Xmas gifts done. Now, the lights and some more shopping for me. Symptoms are in real extremes. One minute you feel like you can focus. then, you have to fight to not dissociate. It's like a migrane that never goes away. If you don't fight to keep some sense of being grounded, you'll fall apart. You don't have a choice.

You can't protect yourself from all triggering stuff. But we try to set boundaries as best we can. Nobody else will protect us. Do we still have psychosis symptoms? At times. But we try to stick to we're not psychotic. We're not a sociopath. But it's still exhausting.

Can we save the world from all of the evil nasty people out there? No. But we try to be aware. Also, that your well being comes first.

Ho do you cope with the horrible cruel people out there? Do you struggle at times and ask, can I trust anybody? Is everybody lying to me? My intuition isn't always right. But I try to trust it as much as possible.

Stay well.

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