Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Things Affect You

One minute, there's anger. Then abandonment. Then exhaustion. But you have to keep going.

My first psychiatrist appointment is on Thursday. Maybe one question I'll have for her is, does pain ever go away? I try to look at it like it has to come out. Either in a good way, or in bad ways.

Out of all of the emotions that happen, maybe one of the hardest ones is, how come nobody else actually cared? How come nobody did anything about this? An innocent little kid gets raped repeatedly by three psycho pedophiles. And NOBODY does ANYTHING about it.

Why not?


Peace of Pooh said...

Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

Peace of Pooh said...

I hope you're ok. Was thinking of you yesterday, hoping things were going all right. And that you're being kind to yourself. I've been having a rough time the past few days, but am trying to remain patient with myself and deal with all the intrusive thoughts and images that just won't go away as best I can. I appreciate your writing this blog and sharing so much of yourself, and so much good information. Thank you!