Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pay Attention

Normally we stay away from progressive political content. If you want that, there are billions of other blogs. Then again, once you know the rules you can break them to make a point.

We know that many vets have untreated PTSD symptoms. We also know that both women and guy vets are raped while on duty. In the past two weeks, four Canadian vets killed themselves. What are all of the reasons why? I'm not sure.

Despite that, this is yet another perfect opportunity to both educate and help millions who have untreated PTSD symptoms. The corporate MSM continues to perpetuate the myth that ONLY vets get PTSD. How then do you explain the ten percent of the Stateside population that have some form of it?

No disrespect to vets. But they don't have an exclusive lock on PTSD symptoms. It happens all thru society.

Whether you're  a vet or a civilian, you deserve to be heard and treated with respect to be able to heal from something that you didn't ask for. Is drugging people so they'll shut up about having PTSD the answer? No, it's not. It's a combination of many things (medication is necessary, people who will respect you and take you seriously, and more).

How is your healing these days? I have no desire to go back to rampant alcoholism or kill myself. on the other hand, it's important to admit when those thoughts are there. In my case, denial isn't an issue.
This means that backed up trauma will come out. If it doesn't, then you have big problems.

Will the corporate MSM stop pushing stupid stereotypes so trauma survivors can heal?

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jan.4987 said...

Nothing to say but that I hear you and I strongly agree. I'll leave the subject at that. I hope that you are able to take good care of yourself at the moment.