Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Not Dissociate? Read This

For whatever reasons, it feels like all of my symptoms are getting worse. You feel run down, and at times can barely walk up a flight of stairs. However, all of the sources that I trust say the same thing. It's not abnormal. If trauma doesn't come out in one way, it will come out in others.

How do you not dissociate? These are just suggestions. Hope these help you as well.

As reasonably as possible, block all triggering content.
Delete content when needed.
Delete people when needed.
Try to get anger out in the most non-threatening way possible.
Fight to get past your stuck fight-or-flight mechanism.
Stay off stimulants as much as possible.
Keep up on your sleep.
Take breaks in the day when needed.
As positively as possible, say to yourself do something else that's positive.
It's not your fault.
You're not weird, a freak, or any other ridiculous garbage that other horrible people put out.
You're not abnormal in any way.
Do you really have to look at something? If it's not your job, is it worth it if it's going to make you dissociate for hours?
Sadness and a feeling of abandonment are not abnormal in healing from severe trauma.
You have no control over what others say and do. But you can protect your well being.
If you have thoughts about suicide, admitting that you do is healthy. Then don't act on them.
Don't intentionally put yourself in a dangerous situation.
Listen to your intuition. The healthier you are, the sharper it is.

More as it happens.

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