Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Can Nutrition Cure PTSD and Other Trauma Symptoms? It Can help

If you're just discovering us, thanks for the time. As our readers know, we try to post a helpful blend of holistic information. Diet, exercise, meditation, and other stuff to help trauma survivors lower their stress as they seek help. With that in mind, that brings up the question about nutrition. Can nutrition be a helpful tool in healing from PTSD  symptoms (regardless of the underlying cause of the trauma)? In my opinion, it's one of many helpful tools.

Start with the basic concept of what traumatic energy is. It's energy trapped on a cellular level in different parts of your body. Ideally, you want a trained therapist to help you release it in the most non-threatening way possible. That in itself can be a huge challenge. Finding someone that you can afford AND trust.

If you don't stay away from stimulants (refined sugar, salt, MSG, processed soy), this will magnify that trapped energy. Too much caffeine over stimulates (and can potentially damage) neurons in your brain. Why not try to stay off of these as much as possible.

This doesn't mean never have fun or enjoy nice food, drinks, etc. Just be aware of the effects of things on you. Triggering content could be just as damaging as stimulants on your mind/body system. Is it one thing? Or, the traditional AMA idea of separate? Keep in mind back in the '50s, many doctors said that smoking was good for you and single payer health care was a evil Communist plot. However, Obama isn't a Communist or a Socialist. He's just someone with leadership potential who isn't using it (IMO).

As I continue to heal from a long history of untreated vicious abuse, I'm sticking to no caffeine. I've been off it for about six months, and I still have hallucinations from hyper acidity. Is there any way to measure how your nervous system heals (other than an acupuncturist using a meter to measure your chi flow)?

More stuff later.

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