Monday, March 18, 2013

Working for Some Focus

Another almost sleepless night of nightmares and acute body pain. Also, vivid and terrifying sensations about being raped. I keep trying to remind myself, the  psycho rapists aren't there. Yet, the body pain is.

Now, just trying to keep some sense of focus and balance. Some formerly favorite foods are just way too triggering. How do we cook without this stuff? You can do it, and in some cases actually save money. Which is one way to look at it.

As for symptoms and other problems, we just try to bear in mind that it's not our fault. As terrifying as this is, none of it is abnormal in any way. If others choose to say and do horrible stuff (emphasis on choice), I'm not responsible for that. On the other hand, I am responsible for protecting my health and self esteem. Which I will continue to do.

If you check the map on our opening page, you can see the global reach of this blog. We're now in almost all 50 states and almost 50 countries. Others at times ask, why continue to speak out? The answer is a basic human need to be heard. Nobody asks to be traumatized and then ignored. As long as it's not a threat to either my safety or someone else, I'll keep doing this.

Tip for the day. Try to lower the acidic content in your diet. I can't scientifically prove it. But in my case lowering it to help your p/h balance helps to control PTSD symptoms to an extent. You still have bad days with emptiness, feelings of abandonment and more. Despite that, just keep in mind that you're telling the truth. And that's all that matters.

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