Thursday, March 21, 2013

Please Leave a Message

Staying in tonight after a long day of fighting symptoms, job hunting and trying not to give into despair. It's one of those days where you need a break from the rolling news and power mix sets on corporate radio (Pit Bull, 7 times this hour whether you like it or not!).

Right now, I just want some quiet. You have at times the urge to post something. Yet, you stop and think to yourself, am I recycling what's already been recycled at least 10 times? What's the point?

Do you feel that you can disconnect when you need to? Being connected due to work is one thing. However, even Obama needs to have some private time. Besides, he still hasn't called. And probably won't. But that's all right.

If you're looking for someone with all of the answers to yours or the world's problems, I can't do it. One reason why is that I have to protect not only myself, but my little kid and multiples as well. There's too much pain to handle all at once.

The moral? Care, but care about your protection first.

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stevie said...

Half way through my therapy, I drank quite a lot last week and I think I might have ruined my chances of hepl....