Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work Globally

Hi from a well-known national bookstore chain with free wi-fi. If I say the name, they'll probably want to charge me a wi-fi fee. And they have enough money as it is already. So we'll leave it at that.

Covering lots of bases. And, it's nice to get away from the monotony of always working at home. Don't misunderstand, it's nice to have a home, period. But, it's a matter of creatively using your tools to network. Security comes first. But be as flexible as you can.

Take things in tiny segments. We're getting about 5 scam calls a day now on the Blackberry. Is it like if you answer one instantly all scammers worldwide are notified and start calling you? If there's a market for global credit cards, then there's a makret for anything.

How are you coping? Do you edit everything as well? We have no choice. And besides, if you feel like you know literally all the news for that day, what's the point?

Back to the applications.

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