Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Hot and Muggy Saturday

Another hot and muggy weekend here. Went over to our favorite well-known health food store (and then to the well-known bookstore). There we saw a Communist Party flatbed truck driving around trying to sign people up. First, it is May Day (happy May Day worldwide). And second, while in our opinion communism isn't the best way to go about change, good for them for speaking out.

Because really, "change" seems to be the IT phrase right now. First, it was Obama. And nothing happened with him. Then in the U.K., we have the upcoming Prime Minister's election. For anyone who doesn't know about this, a short review:

David Cameron- Leader of the Conservative Tories.
Gordon Brown- Leader of the Labour Party.
Nick Clegg- Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

The Tories an Labour have hired some Stateside "campaign consultants" to come over and advise them. But out of all three, the Lib Dems seem to have the most real change in their policies. Also, in a sense it's like the last election here. Up until the last minute, many said Obama had no chance in hell of winning. Of course, Hillary DESERVES to win (after all the crap the MSM put her thru. I mean, it's only fair). But then he won. Yet, almost no actual change has happened.

Clegg has gone from the bottom guy to almost Number 1. The U.K. MSM is pissed off because frankly he's not keeping his mouth shut. Which means the normal Other Two Party System that everyone's profited off of is all messed up. And, there's a good chance that he'll win.

Will the world come to an end if he does? No.

Will lots of MSM "journalists" get sacked and then have to get new jobs? Possibly.

Obviously, in a for-profit business like politics everything will be spun to the maximum to benefit your candidate. Yet, from a trauma survivors point-of-view, you have to draw the line. You have to say, right. Singlehandedly, we can't save the world from all the evil neocons. Instead, we'll protect ourselves and work on tiny segments of an issue. Keeping in mind that protection comes first.

It's easy to have a go at someone from the comofort of your living room. Instead, why not do this? If you really disagree with someone/something, cut into their profit margin. Odds are, if one person speaks out, not many will pay attention. But if said corporation (or person) loses a lot of money, THEN they have time for you.

Just an opinion. Instead of just bitching about something, turn the anger into positive action.

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