Sunday, May 2, 2010

Protection Comes First(contains graphic content)

Lots of stretching today. Also, we went for a long run, lifted and swam too. Then, tai chi and more meditation.

Despite all the good stuff, everything still has to be edited. One reason is because our intuiton is picking up on a lot. It's like you're the only one that sees everything that's happening. Which then makes you ask, what's the point of watching/listening/reading?

Unless something big happens, it doesn't look like the progressives will actually bad together in some way. Many call this capitalizing on the "Obama Effect". Yet, is this happening? No. In many areas, it's essentially every person for themselves. Which at times leads to lots of repetition and asking what's the point?

That doesn't mean don't care. Instead, be selective where you choose to speak out and act. We all know that for trauma survivors this is especially difficult. If you're a celebrity and write a book, instantly you're accepted.

If you're not, what chances do you have of a major publisher picking it up?

If you're a guy survivor, the MSM doesn't want you. 99.9% of the progressive media doesn't want you.

Which means you have to build your own network.

Yes, at times we get really pissed off about this. Also, occasionally we think about suicide. Yet, will we act on that (and give those assholes that treated us like shit) the satisfaction?

Absolutely not.

Unless you're their boss, you can't control what others do and say. But also, if they don't want to admit that you exist, go elsewhere. Which is what we chose to do.

It's consistent content and word-of-mouth. Think of it as holistic guerrilla marketing.

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