Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Online Security and More

How's your week? How's your job hunting (if you are)? If you're looking, be careful with lots of ads.

Many on various well-known sites are fake. They're phish ads to get your credit card information. The site looks totally legit. And then there's a link to send "your credit history". How many firms do you know that do this? Also, if they say we cater luch for our staff late at night, again a red flag. On a film set, yes. But in the rest of the world, no.

Still fighting symptoms here and looking for the new job. If no new job by Friday, here's the latest plan:

Give notice on our lease (to avoid the astronomical penalties)
Sell as much as possible
Find all the work we can
Find a new place to live
Build up as much protection as possible
Keep out positive balance as best we can
Break things into tiny segments

Any other suggestions on how to cope?

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