Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's in the Balance

A nice sunny day. We're at the well-known bookstore with the free wifi, working away. Still no demands from them for outrageous fees. So we'll take that as a good sign.

Also a good sign? Be aware of triggers and setting boundaries. A lot of things may seem like second nature. But if necessary, ask yourself. Do we really need to do this/watch this/read this? If you have that Executive Producer feeling (I know exactly what they're going to say. When they'll say it. And why), trust that and turn it off.

Your balance is more important. Obama doesn't have the luxury of being able to disconnect. But we do.

Do you still have nightmares, flashbacks and body memory? At times we do. Still no luck in finding the new therapist. We're juggling about 10 different things at the moment.

Also, had a job interview yesterday. Didn't get to the second round. But it went really well. Now back to the global networking.

Have a nice day :).

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