Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Gap Between Survivors and the Rest

Normally, we try to stick to our "no progressive political content" rule as much as possible. Then again, you need to know the rules first before you break them. Which means that yes, we need to break this to make some points.

Tonight, Obama will make his State of the Union speech. The predictions are that he'll try to present a tougher image. I won't wait for Congress to do everything. I'll use my Executive Authority as much as possible to bypass them and actually get things done. Meanwhile, the Republicans are talking about taking "legal action". For what? Obama actually doing his job?

Part of the problem. Various problems that are right in front of you won't be mentioned. Why? Because we need to not dwell on the past. We need to join hands and look forward to the future. Hang on a minute. How can you improve anything if you refuse to face current problems head on?

You could say this about a wide range of topics. Everything from gun control to drone strikes, raising the minimum wage and more. You can also say that about various types of trauma survivors.

Do any of the rich and powerful realize that not having basic things like unemployment insuranace, a minimum wage tied to the cost of living and single payer health care endangers people's lives?

What do all trauma survivors have in common? A lifetime fight to survive against endless abuse.

Is there such a thing as economic abuse? Yes, there is. Just like sexual abuse and other types, everyone deserves to be heard. Unfortunately, if you try to do that in the MSM, you'll be censored.

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