Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Late Happy New Year's

Sorry to be away for a while. A lot 's happened in a short time.

One minute, despite struggling with symptoms and more, I felt like I could function. Then, I had a shortness of breath that got worse and worse. Then, I had to get someone to give me a ride to an ER. My brother was helping me to try and walk in,  but I collapsed and needed a wheelchair. AN ER team then relatively stabilized Now, I've been out for almost a week, I'm in a first floor apartment, and I finally have net access again.

Like any trauma survivor that has had long term untreated PTSD stress, you ask questions:

Did I inadvertently give myself heart disease?
Did my past alcoholism and poor diet play a role in this?

I don't think that I made myself sick. Maybe though at times I didn't separate my pain from the pain of everyone  eels. You can't solve all the problems in the world overnight. Now though,  as long as I pace myself, move smart and don't do anything ultra stressful, I can do anything. I don't need to be on a strict 24/7 recovery program and have a live-in caregiver. Just keep in mind that it's both physical and mental. Being too tough on yourself will actually hurt you physically.

Any thoughts on this?

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jan.4987 said...

If your body can recover it will, provided nothing too much is put in its way. Maybe the same with your mind, I don't know.