Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meds and More

I'll always have to take my heart meds. Anti depressants? Only one so far. But even with that, I still have symptoms. Lately, more chest pain at times. It comes and it goes. I try to stretch, and it's really painful. No luck yet in seeing a physical therapist. Hopefully that will come thru soon.

It feels like body pain comes and goes. One minute you feel halfway centered. Then you can barely get out of bed and walk. But, it's all connected. It's a nice sunny day and then suddenly, torture flashbacks. You don't feel safe being around little kids. When necessary, leave. Do the responsible thing.

No matter what though, we're not crazy. We're not mentally ill, handicapped, disabled or any other labels. We have health problems that we didn't ask for. Now, we're trying to deal with these as best we can.

Protect yourself.

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