Thursday, December 15, 2016

Set Boundaries as Best You Can

Another long day of fighting symptoms and trying to keep some sense of being grounded. You know it's not your fault. But you have to fight all the time to not dissociate. You also have to try and set boundaries as best you can.

Normally we try to stay away from having progressive political content here. UNLESS it's necessary and can be tied into dealing with trauma.

Did I vote for Trump? No I didn't. Up to the election, you were bombarded with vote fear, and not your conscience. If you don't vote for Hillary, you're not "patriotic". Doesn't matter that almost 70% of the US public wants a multi party system. The trolls were out for blood, and would rip any "threat" that they saw to pieces.

Now, Trump is President Elect. In 4 days, the Electoral College votes. Each state has a certain number of "electors" who are supposed to vote for who won the popular vote in a state. Why then two votes. The idea is to prevent unqualified people from being President. The electors have several choices:

Vote for who won the popular vote in your state.
If Trump won, don't vote for him. Vote for somebody else.

Lots of legal experts (how many are getting paid? Who knows) are arguing over this. Legally they can vote for whoever the want. The Constitution doesn't prevent that. But then some state politicians are saying if you do that, we'll arrest your ass and charge you with fraud, which is a felony. Many are probably getting death threats and other garbage.

Is Trump's win causing massive PTSD cases nationwide? I think it is. But, what we're trying to do is to protect ourselves and as best you can, keep moving forward and doing your best to make things better. Should some people leave the country because Trump will make it a fascist dictatorship? Many say yes and are already leaving.

Like any trauma survivor, we just want to feel safe. Symptoms are a constant battle. If others are horrible in what they say and do, they deal with the consequences. Every day you struggle with anger, frustration and abandonment. On the other hand, we know we did nothing wrong. Everything we're saying is true.

Protect yourself.

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