Thursday, June 30, 2016

Screen Everything

Another day of fighting symptoms and to not dissociate and black out. It's like at times you don't know what's real and what isn't. You have to focus really hard to not black out. You don't want to disappear and have no idea of where you are or just not care about anything.

If we try to watch TV, it's with the sound turned down. There's too much triggering stuff that can come out of nowhere. At other times, no TV and just listen to peace and quiet.

How do you cope with checking your I can save the world all by myself impulse? We try to say being aware is okay. But nobody's paying us to do it all. Be aware, care and put your well being first.

You have to protect yourself.

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Twilight Zone said...

Yes, you must put yourself first and give yourself what you need even though others may not understand why you need it but why would they unsterstand? They don't know. Protect yourself, screen everything, others will not get you, so you must protect yourself.