Thursday, November 6, 2014

Can You Trust Anybody?

Lately, more struggle with fighting to not black out. Everyday it's a battle to keep some sense of being grounded. We still go to doctor appointments and try to get thru tests. However, lately several of the doctors   are deliberately lying when you're trying to find out about if a test is necessary, or not.

Two of my doctors have been recommending that I have a colonoscopy as a cancer screening test. Like any normal person I have concerns about side effects, risks and is there an alternative test available. It's really rough to handle when your doctor literally doesn't tell you anything about this.

Is it necessary?
Is there an alternative? One said no, and the other blew off my concerns. I did tell her that I'm hypoglycemic. So no sleep for 30 hours and fasting for 40 won't work. Apparently she thinks this is an acceptable risk.
Or, she's pissed off that I'm screwing up her profit margin (colonoscopies are one of the most profitable tests available).

If my blood sugar is low, my PTSD symptoms get worse. I've told my doctors this many times. Yet, they apparently don't care?

I'll go elsewhere  for a second opinion, and see what's next. There is an alternative test that can be done which is much safer and accomplishes the same goal.

Do people listen to you? Does it feel like you're being clear, and people just don't care?

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