Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not Sure What to Do

There's a little bit of clarity as we sit and write this. But earlier today was really terrifying. We had to hold onto each other because it felt like ALL of the fear, frustration and terror from being raped was coming out. You feel like nobody's going to help you. So what do you do? Eventually we could focus again and move on. But it's really tough to try and do that.

Other stuff. We haven't been able to reach the therapist for almost a week now. We'll give it a little more time. But if it doesn't work, then we have to find somewhere else to go. In our case, it may have to be phone appointments. Which means trying to get used to someone new and deciding can you trust them or not.

You can use all the usual grounding technqiues. But how do you cope when none of those work? How do you deal with the paralyzing fear?

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