Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coping Mechanisms 101

It's still the weekend. And as always, you try and pace yourself back into another week.

The extremes are still there. One minute we feel a little bit of clarity. Then, it's like ALL of the terror of being raped hits you all at once. Dissociating and lucid dreams still happen. Lately either we're getting raped again. Or we see a little kid getting raped. We put a gun (or whatever weapon we have) to this psycho's head and get him off the terrified little kid.

But in the process we think, is he going to kill the little kid? Is he going to try and kill both of us? Also, nobody else seems to give a s**t about what's going on. It's too much of a "inconvenience" from their terribly busy day to actually stop and save someone's life.

Why is that? Is it because out of sight and out of mind is ALWAYS the best way to go? Is it because if you act you might get raped too? Or is it because it's YOUR responsibility. Pull yourself up and you deal with it. Don't expect anyone to show any sympathy for you. The world's a cold, cruel f****d up place. And if you're not tough enough to deal with that, then just f**k off and die.

Another angle. If the worst happens and THEY get raped, are we supposed to drop everything and do whatever they ask because well, you know all about this stuff? You can solve all of my problems. Hang on a minute. You treat me like s**t. And NOW I'm supposed to do whatever the hell YOU say because I'm an "expert"?

The double standards here are amazing. Be superficial. But the underlying message is under NO circumstances will we ever acknowledge that you exist. Unless of course my ass gets raped.

How f****d up is that?

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