Friday, February 27, 2009

Some Stuff You Need to Know

Have you heard of Johnson Beharry? In the U.K., he's the most highly decorated soldier who's served in Iraq (two Victoria Crosses for bravery). And now, he's taking on the government's treatment of vets who have PTSD and other problems.

How come people have to go years before the government will give them the proper treatment? You could also ask other questions as well. What about guy rape survivors? They are in the military. Which means they have twice as much stress to deal with. Beharry still has problems (and maybe he always will)?

In the States, it's the same thing. And when I hear the media talking about women vets who have PTSD or are rape survivors, I turn it off. Because it's offensive to me and other guy survivors. How come we don't count? How come we're not as important as she is? We have many of the same problems? But because she's a woman, there's more to spin and make money off of? If it's a guy, nobody gives a s**t. So why the f**k should they waste their time?

I called a helpline earlier tonight. In the past they had people who were trained in PTSD. But now, they can't be bothered to deal with PTSD symptoms. Why is that? Because of budget cuts? Is it because they're sick of people "abusing" their line for free therapy. So f**k off and go elsewhere? If you have PTSD symptoms and are having problems, that's a crisis. But obviously, they don't see it that way and just don't care.

I'm reassuring my multiples ad my little kid that it will be ok. They're still terrified at times and wonder why does the world ignore us? We didn't ask to be raped. So how come nobody pays attention? And at times I don't know what to say.

But one aspect is this. We refuse to roll over and die. We have no family and have lost a lot of friends because they couldn't deal with it. But you do what you have to to protect yourself, survive and heal.

How do you deal with feeling ignored?

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