Sunday, April 17, 2016

In and Out of the Hospital Again

How have your past few days been? Here, I was in the hospital again. What happened? I had an arrhythmia attack. Apparently I had a ultra severe reaction to something that I ate that threw my pulse off. I could barely lie down, and then try to stand up and walk slowly. Called a nurse help line, and she said call 911. Called them, and the paramedics did an EKG which showed arrhythmia. Went to the hospital and went thru a long list of tests.

The good news:

No heart attack
No additional damage to add to the damage you're already dealing with

But now, my doctor's saying stay away from spicy food as much as possible. You're one of those sensitive type people to stuff like that. What's really bad about arrhythmia is that it can happen at any time. Even if you're sitting and resting.

Now, just rest. And lots of herbal tea.

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