Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yes and No

As we keep trying to cope with and heal from heart disease and PTSD, a big part of it is pacing and rest. Now, today we found out news about our disability income and Medicaid. I do "officially" have a "disability". Yet, because of "income" (monthly help from the parents to be able to eat, pay my medical bills and survive), I'm being denied. Also, because of being on food stamps, that's "income assistance" that's being counted against me.

In short, I'm being penalized for trying to be responsible and to not be a burden on anyone else?

The impression I'm getting is that you literally have to have nothing to even remotely have a chance at getting disability. You can't get anything of monetary value from anyone else. Otherwise it counts against you. Literally food, clothes and so on.

I want to keep control over my life. I don't want to live like everything literally has to be approved by someone else. Why the hell do you need THIS? Why not the cheapest version? That's no way for anyone to live. Do these benefits people know that?

I want tto keep control over my life.

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