Monday, March 14, 2011

Fighting for Balance

Went to the cable shop to upgrade our modem. Now we're at least at "average speed" (average up and down loads in the States. Which is about 100 times slower than the rest of the world). On the other hand, at least pages don't take 5 minutes to download.

How's the rest of your part of the world? For any new people here, welcome and please spread the word about us. We have readers now in over 30 countries. Please keep in mind our readers in Japan. Hoping everyone is safe.

Speaking of triggering stuff, a suggestion. Since much of it is the same stuff endlessly recycled, if you don't have to look at it, don't. That's not giving into the neocon "if you don't like it, turn it off" line. That's just protecting your health.

We still scream and fight to not black out. Exercise and diet help to a certain extent. But the symptoms are still there. What else can you do?

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