Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stay Warm and Aware

Here, really cold and overcast. But, at least there's no snowdrift to fight your way out of.

How's everything else? We're still censoring everything because it needs to be done. Symptoms still happen (especially anger and severe dissociating). We don't know where we are and have to fight to not black out. Despair is also still there.

How do you cope with the urge to singelhandedly save the world? Do you have to check yourself at times and say, hang on a minute. That's not my responsibility? It would be nice to be able to. Then again, what's more important? Have your overall balance first. Then take on other stuff.

We still cry at night and the despair comes back. But, we're not responsible for what others do and say. We just do what we have to to protect ourselves.

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