Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Popular than Your Well Known Global Bank

Another overcast and cold day. But at least there's no snow. Also, with floods and all the rest of it that's happening, there's NO connection to global warming. Right.

Hi to our always growing global audience:

South Africa
The Russian Federation
New York City
and Anchorage, Alaska

Maybe we should start our own global talk show?

How are your symptoms? For us, despair is still there. We edit everything becuase there's way too much violent stuff in the world. At times, we don't know where we are (despite using the usual grounding techniques). But we keep going.

Please link us everywhere you can. It's not "spam" if you word a post in the right way. There's more than one way to stay ahead of the "crack team of screeners" on those OTHER sites.

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