Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fight Symptoms

Another appointment today. Now, I can hear again! The last time I had wax buildups in my ears, I was almost completely deaf for 2 weeks. So today the doctor, nurse and I talked about the effects of other things on your system (stress, diet and more). They agree that I'm on the right track to deal with all of my health problems.

We know that everything's connected. Your emotions do have an effect on your system. Undealt with stress can make you more suseptible to a wide range of  illnesses. Including cancer. There are peer reviewed studies that have proven this. So why aren't they widely publicized? Because cancer research is a multi billion dollar industry. There are lots of smart, well meaning people trying to do their best work. But why ignore something so key to overall health? Very strange.

Pay attention to how tiny things affect you. Protect yourself.

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