Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Now What?

One nice thing about this blog is that while we try to concentrate on trauma and connected issues, the connected issues can cover a lot. Case in point: Trump beating Hillary. Called a support line earlier today, and we talked about not taking on the pain of the world AND your trauma pain all at once. I used to do that, and eventually said enough. As far as Trump winning, I try to look at it like, do the best you can to keep going to make things better. I made an informed choice and voted Green. Now, remember that your well being comes first. Be aware and care. But if you're not together, you can't be effective.

How do you protect your well being? Some days we have no TV at all. You just want to feel safe in your own home. We still work proactively to not fall into a slump that might let us give into dissociating. By the end of the day, you can barely move. On the other hand, you have a brief sense of relief.

I have health problems that I'm trying to deal with as best I can. Stay safe.

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